Chishtiya College of Arts & Science is situated at Khuldabad ,A historically city of Aurangabad located on central railway line connecting mumbai .The city has now grown into an educational centre having number of institutions. Our college building is on Khuldabad-Aurangabad road. Aim of this institution is to prepare the students to enter the real world well equipped in the field of education and give their best to the society.

We have well qualified staff and our endeavour is to impart quality education to these young talent who will play a major role in the education of our next generation. Almost all the governing body members of the trust are highly qualified and are academicians. Whose experiance and expertise will help in doing full justice to the Teacher Traning course by maintaining high educational standard and professional ethics par excellence.

Our Vision

To lit the knowledge and make higher education easily available to hilly and rural youth.

Our Mission

All round development of students leading towards a becoming responsible citizen of India.


  • To develop the personality of the students. Through curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities.
  • To provide socially oriented education and inculcate moral values into the youths.
  • To encourage teachers for quality improvements.
  • To make persistent efforts for the overall development of all the languages taught Urdu, English, Hindi, Marathi and Arabic.
  • To stimulate the academic environment by providing necessary advance facilities to the students of higher education in era of globalisation.
  • To do everything needful and relevant in order to achieve these goals.


To Impart and Offer General Education to Pupils..

  • To make the students conscious of their rights guaranteed under Indian Constitution through teaching and related Co-curricular activities by the institute.
  • To develop harmony and co-ordination among students, parents,teachers and management by organizing meets and various such programmes time to time.
  • To develop self sufficiency and confidence among the students by establishing computer training and many such institutes.
  • To do everything needful and relevant in order to fulfull all these goals and objectives.